The Pros Of Buying OEM Mercedes Parts

If you've ever had to replace or repair a part on your Mercedes, you may have been faced with the decision between aftermarket or OEM Mercedes parts. Did you know the difference? If you didn't, we've got some information for you to make a well-informed decision next time. 

Let's start with OEM parts. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer and are literally the exact same part that came on your car originally. In contrast, aftermarket parts are produced by an entirely different company than your original car manufacturer. While aftermarket parts are usually fabricated with the same materials as OEM parts, that can have slight differences and quality may become an issue. OEM parts do tend to be more expensive than aftermarket parts, but they're easier to choose and they're always backed by a one-year warranty. 

Here are some positive aspects to buying OEM Mercedes parts:

It's easier to choose your part when you're picking from OEM parts because there's usually only one type. You don't have to worry about comparing brands and assessing the quality of the parts because you already know what type of quality you're getting. 

You also get a great assurance of quality when it comes to OEM parts. You can expect them to work exactly like the part you're replacing because it's what the vehicle was manufactured with and that alone provides most people with a peace of mind they need. Plus, people like the familiarity and know they can expect the same performance.