Cruise Down the Highway with OEM Mercedes Parts

One of the most amazing (and convenient) advances in automotive technology over the past 60 years was the invention of cruise control. Vehicles had speed control devices before the advent of cruise control, but there was never a method for setting and maintaining a certain speed until engineer Ralph Teetor invented his device in the late 1950s. Now, because of Teetor’s invention, drivers can enjoy the luxury of getting to a certain speed, pressing a button, and taking their foot off the gas. If you’ve noticed that your ML350 or CL600 is having issues with its cruise control, then you can find OEM Mercedes parts for your vehicle at

Some drivers may not like to employ their cruise control, for fear of negatively impacting their fuel economy, but modern cruise control sensors and switches are manufactured to regulate the flow of fuel as you maintain a specific speed while driving down the highway. Cruise control is obviously not meant for in-town driving, since you’re stopping and starting quite often, and your fuel economy is already lower while you’re driving through residential streets. However, if you’ve noticed that your instant fuel economy is higher than normal, even while on the highway, it might be due to a cruise control malfunction.

If you think that a repair is necessary, save time and money by purchasing OEM Mercedes parts from We have parts and components for every Mercedes make and model, and we can help you get your cruise control in working order. That way, you can press the button, take your foot off the gas, and not worry about a thing.