Certain Mercedes Parts Cannot Be Purchased Online

It seems that in today’s interconnected world, you can find and order nearly anything online. After placing an online order, you can have your groceries delivered to your door, and if you spot an amazing birthday present for your spouse, it can be at your house the very next day! It’s almost as if you never have to leave the house! However, if you own a Mercedes-Benz, we know that you love leaving the house and when you need parts for it, you can find them online at MBpartscenter.com.

There are certain Mercedes parts and accessories that can’t be purchased online, and must be ordered from a certified Mercedes dealership. These things include spare keys, transponders, electronic ignition switches (EIS) and certain transmission parts. These items have been classified as Theft-Related Parts (TRP) by Mercedes Benz, as they pose a vehicle theft risk if they fall into the wrong hands. Obviously, you don’t want somebody getting their hands on the keys to your Mercedes, and you don’t want your car to be vulnerable by someone unlocking or starting it remotely without your permission. At Mbpartscenter.com, we want every one of our customers’ cars to be safe and secure, and therefore, we cannot accept orders for any TRP or items.

If you’re looking for Mercedes parts online, you can find a full inventory on our site, but if you need an EIS or a new key for your vehicle, it’s best to go to the dealership you purchased your car from, or find a dealer near where you live, and place the order with them.