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So this is basically a Self Service website , which is how we are able to sell at these prices. If you need help feel free to click on the  Contact us link.

Due to a programming issue, Mercedes-Benz tools, which have a 589 in section 2 of the parts number are priced incorrectly on our site. 

These tools cannot be supplied at this time at that pricing. If you are interested in them, we can quote them at the correct price.

Mercedes-Benz stipulates that certain parts are classified as "Theft Related Parts" and in their view, the access to those replacement parts constitutes a vehicle theft risk. Those parts are henceforth named "TRP" parts. The most common of these are keys, transponders, electronic ignition switches. Some transmission parts are also classified TRP. All TRP parts must be purchased and installed, directly at a Mercedes-Benz dealer's Service and or Parts departments. It is not permitted to ship them from a dealer to a customer.Therefore MBPartsCenter.com cannot accept orders for any "TRP" classified part.

We do not ship internationally.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.